Stainless Steel Anchor Connector swivel

10mm Stainless Steel Swivel Anchor Connector

Stainless Steel Fixed Anchor Connector for 10mm chain
Marine grade stainless steel
Slim line, snag free, smooth connection

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Stainless Steel Swivel Anchor Connector, marine grade stainless steel, slim line, snag free profile, smooth connection.

Manufactured by Marine Town USA

Anchor Jaw Width 23mm
Anchor Jaw pin to body length 30mm
Chain jaw width 13mm

Unless specifically designed to withstand lateral loads, an anchor connector should not be the sole connection between the anchor shank and the anchor chain.

Attach a fixed anchor connector or a shackle to the anchor and connect this to 3-10 links of suitable size chain (generally 1 size larger than your anchor chain).

Use a swivel connector to join this short length of chain to the rest of the anchor chain.

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