Clearance Britany Type Anchor - 12kg

Talamex Britany copy

Manufactured by Lankhorst

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Clearance Britany Type Anchor - 12kg Features:

This anchor is manufactured and supplied under the Talamex brand, well known in the Netherlands.
The design is a copy of the Plastimo Britany and similar to another well known French anchor, the FOB

  • No Link Cage to avoid clogging with pebbles
  • Thin Flukes with sharp edges ensure quick digging even in the hardest sea beds.
  • Geodynamic flukes ensure easy burial and perfect holding.
  • High resistance shank cast in one piece gives perfect resistance even to a strong lateral pull.
  • The Narrow crown is designed to lift the rear of the anchor and so facilitate immediate biting into the seabed.  
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