8mm DIN766 Aqua4 Grade 40 Calibrated Anchor Chain

8mm DIN766 AQUA4 Grade 40 Calibrated Anchor Chain

Hot Dip Galvanised Anchor Chain

Manufactured by Maggi Catena in Italy,

Every link is proof load tested 

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8mm AQUA4 DIN766 is generally suitable for yachts up to approximately 12 metres, length overall
Factor in:
Displacement : Length ratio
Your cruising intentions
The anticipated anchorage conditions e.g. depth, seabed holding characteristics, the length of fetch and degree of exposure to prevailing winds
The length of chain that will be deployed and any extra scope provided by an anchor warp
The weight and design of anchor

Your anchor rode is only as strong as the weakest link so ensure that all your connectors and shackles are rated to the requisite break load

8mm DIN766 AQUA4 Grade 40 Calibrated Anchor Chain, manufactured, hot dip galvanised and proof tested in house, at the Maggi Catena factory in Italy

Sample test certificate

There is one main calibration for 8mm chain - DIN766
N.B. Some Windlass and Chain manufacturers also refer to 8mm ISO 4565 but the dimensions are exactly the same as DIN766
It is very important to check the size and calibration of your gypsy/chain before you order
If you are unsure we can help you to decide - we will take all reasonable steps to ensure you get the correct chain
The simplest way to check that you are buying the correct calibration is to take a measurement from your existing chain, providing of course that it fits correctly.

We measure 10 links because, in practice, it is difficult to measure one link accurately enough.
The links should be laid out flat and pulled tight.
Measure from the outside edge to outside edge.
Compare your measurement with our stock:
Jimmy Green AQUA4 8mm DIN766 = approximately 250mm
Calibrated Chain - General Information

N.B. The measurement for an old chain may be a little longer than new due to a degree of wear and elongation in use
8mm DIN766 pitch tolerance is Plus or Minus 0.6mm 

8mm AQUA4 DIN766 Dimensions

Chain Size (D)Outside Width (B) Outside Length (L)Pitch (P)
8mm26mm 40mm24mm

8mm AQUA4 DIN766 Specification

Maximum Pin Dia.Proof LoadBreak Load  Weight per metre

Every link is tested to the proof load during the manufacturing process ensuring that each weld has been completed successfully

1Kn Force = 101.972Kg Break Load

40.2Kn = approximately 4099kg

Maximum Pin Diameter refers to the largest pin which will fit comfortably in the end link of 8mm DIN766 chain

Select the largest possible galvanised shackle (or anchor connector) by pin diameter to fit the chain

A copy of the Maggi Catena Test Certificate is available with your order on request

Jimmy Green Quality Control and Accountability
Every length of chain is checked and labelled with the manufacturer, the date received and a corresponding batch number when it arrives.
The batch number is then recorded at the point of sale.
Every chain order is therefore traceable and accountable to the manufacturer Test Certificate

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