Kobra Anchor

KOBRA® Anchor - from Plastimo, weighted tip and very broad shoulders, high holding power and bites into the seabed within seconds - PBO test winner

£ 33.88 VAT incl.

£ 38.50


Kobra 1 with folding shank (patented) 2kg up to and including 10kg

High holding power makes the Kobra 1 ideal for use as a lunch hook in conjunction with a weighted mooring line, no need for a windlass

Collapsible shank design facilitates stowage on the bow roller or in the chain locker

Kobra 2 with fixed shank - 12kg up to and including 35kg

For simple space saving winter stowage, unbolt the shank before folding it.
Relock the shank in position with a well gripped new nylock nut

See images and table below for dimensions

Weight Yacht LOA Model A/B C/D
2kg <4m Kobra1 408/182mm 168/238mm
4kg <6m Kobra1 523/236mm 218/310mm
6kg <8m Kobra1 592/270mm 247/359mm
8kg <10m Kobra1 640/294mm 265/388mm
10kg <12m Kobra1 698/322mm 290/424mm
12kg <13m Kobra2 739/341mm 305/452mm
14kg <14.5m Kobra2 789/361mm 330/500mm
16kg <16m Kobra2 815/374mm 340/503mm
20kg <18m Kobra2 863/409mm 366/536mm
25kg <20m Kobra2 937/456mm 395/586mm
35kg <25m Kobra2 1029/483mm 446/644mm

Yacht LOA = Maximum Length Overall advised by Plastimo