Barton Traveller Track


Spectro grey anodised aluminium finish  ##  Factory Cut and Finish

There are 3 track options: Drilled track, Sliding bolt track, Beam track  ##  3 size options  ##  Select your length

A shipping surcharge will apply after checkout for lengths over 0.9 metres  ##  Please allow 3 weeks for delivery

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Drilled traveller track is the most commonly fitted type of track.

Pre-drilled and countersunk with 100mm spacings, this track is easy to fit.

Sliding Bolt track allows existing fixing holes to be used even if the hole spacings are not consistent.

Sliding the track over protruding machine screw pan heads provides a smooth finish.

Beam track is required wherever the track has an unsupported length.

The extra height of the section gives it the strength to span gaps.

If the span exceeds the specified maximum, an eye bolt can be fitted to the underside of the track to allow a wire strop to be secured down to the cockpit floor.

Maximum span for Beam Track:
Size 1 - 400mm
Size 2 - 700mm
Size 3 - 800mm

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