Jimmy Green's Top 5 Ropes for Spring 2019

As a specialist in the supply of top-quality lines to the marine sector, we are always looking to add lines that we feel complement our existing stock.

Both LIROS and Marlow have extensive catalogues with a myriad of options to choose from. Picking the right lines to fulfil our customer demands is a carefully managed process. Ensuring the Jimmy Green rope range continues to develop without affecting availability and service is paramount.

Over the last year we have added LIROS D-Pro XTR, Regatta 2000 and Braid on Braid EVO, Marlow Blue Ocean Dockline plus new colours in Excel and D2 Racing. We have also introduced a newcomer to our 12 strand core range in the shape of Hampidjan’s DynIce Dux.

It has been an exciting journey for us because we absolutely love rope! We like to talk about construction, blends, fibres, abrasion resistance, specific gravity, applications, splicing and more. With this in mind, we asked the rigging team to come up with their top 5 new ropes across all applications.

5: LIROS Dynamic Plus

LIROS Dynamic Plus

LIROS Dynamic Plus was the number one running rigging rope in our 2018 top 5. When considering our full range of ropes, it still gets our vote as the preferred Dyneema upgrade for cruising yachts.

The riggers find it particularly easy to work with, the mid layer jacket is slightly thicker than in full racing Dyneema lines. Don't be surprised by the change in diameter if you decide to get it spliced. The Dyneema core delivers the performance and that will still be 100% present.

Dynamic Plus is stocked in 8 colours including the most popular Steel Blue which features a polyester fibre 30% more wear resistant than standard polyester colours. Dynamic Plus in Steel Blue is exclusive to Jimmy Green Marine.

4: Marlow Ocean Dockline

Marlow Blue Ocean

Ocean Dockline is new to market for 2019 and now in stock in Navy from 12mm to 16mm. This line is catapulted into our top 5 by its environmentally friendly credentials. Manufactured from yarn created solely from recycled plastic bottles, we are looking forward to seeing this line gain in popularity over the coming season.

This line is as strong as its equivalent in standard polyester, has good stretch and UV resistance and suffers no strength loss due to water absorption. The rigging team are looking forward to splicing up mooring warps for customers looking to help the CleanSeas cause.

3: LIROS 3-Strand Polyester

LIROS 3 Strand Polyester

3-Strand construction ropes have been evolving for centuries for a myriad of applications. LIROS have perfected this construction for mooring warp usage. Manufactured using heat-set, high-tenacity polyester to DIN EN ISO 1141, this line is exceptionally well balanced. The twist of the individual strands perfectly evens out the counter-twist of the construction. This makes the line easy to splice as it won’t ‘spring’ apart when cut.

This line simply has to make the top 3. The simplicity of the design means everything is on show and easy to inspect. Hard wearing, supple, UV resistant, easy to splice and strong. LIROS 3-Strand Polyester is the standard bearer for mooring lines.

2: Hampidjan DynIce Dux

Hampidjan Dynice Dux

The growing popularity in fibre alternatives to stainless steel rigging has been an interesting development for the Jimmy Green Rigging Team. Meeting the technical team from Colligo Marine at the Marine Trade Show in Amsterdam convinced us to bring DynIce Dux into stock.

New to our range in the early part of 2018, DynIce Dux is phenomenally strong for its size when compared to other fibres. The heat stretched, 12 strand, SK75 Dyneema line has exceptional resistance to creep and is our ‘go to’ line for rigging applications.

1: LIROS Anchorplait

LIROS Anchorplait

LIROS Anchorplait is an 8-strand nylon line with a difference. Manufactured exclusively for Jimmy Green Marine, Anchorplait features unique easy splice markers through the line. The coloured flecks offer a clear visual aid for anybody looking to splice their own line.

There are many 8-strand lines on the market from various manufacturers. Multiplait, Octoplait, Squareline to name a few. None of these lines will feature the easy splice marker. Moreover, if you see a line called Anchorplait from any other company, don’t be fooled, it will not actually be Anchorplait, merely another company transgressing trade descriptions.
We are hugely proud of our Anchorplait, meaning we just couldn’t pick any other line for number one.

Anchorplait completes our top 5 for the beginning of 2019.

Our range will continue to evolve, we will keep everyone informed.

Published: Feb 1, 2019