Liros Spi Spinnaker Sheets

Product Review - Liros Spi Spinnaker Sheets

We have been using Liros Spi spinnaker sheets on our RS400 for a number of months.

The rope is extremely comfortable to handle, but also provides excellent grip and a surprisingly good wear resistance through our ratchet blocks. Considering we had some pretty breezy sails during the winter, the rope still looks like new.

For a spinnaker, it is important to have a low stretch rope for instant gust response.

The Liros Spi has a working stretch of less than 3% so is more than up to the job.

This rope is available in 5-10mm, making it suitable for use on dinghies and small yachts.

It also has a distinctive striped cover that makes it stand out from the other ropes on our boat.

Overall we are very impressed with this rope and it is a good upgrade on our previous set of sheets.

To see the full specification of this line please visit LIROS ROPES 

Jimmy Green Marine do not currently stock this line but please contact us for a quote and availability.

Published: Aug 13, 2018