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Red Turbo Flame Lighter

Red Turbo Flame Lighter


Single flame lighter

Refillable for extended use

Ideal for sealing ropes

N.B. Restricted courier options due to butane content

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More Information

Turbo Flame runs on butane (lighter fluid) with excellent heating, sealing and melting capability.

Turbo Flame Facts, Features, and Plus Factors:

  • Windproof single flame
  • Refillable for multiple jobs
  • Ideal for sealing ropes
  • Available in Red only

The green lighters come with a plastic cap.

Conventional lighters are frustrating for external use as they can rarely stay alight for more than a few seconds in a breeze

The turbo flame solves this issue. The powerful flame will stay alight once it is lit.

The extra power does mean that a degree of care is required not to melt/heat more material than needed.