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Stainless Steel Shackles - Long Twisted D

Stainless Steel Shackles - Long Twisted D

Marine grade stainless

Extra reach

Rotation through 90 degrees

Discontinued product

Limited stock

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More Information

Twisted Long D Shackles

Shackles have a multitude of onboard uses.

  • Long for extra reach
  • Stainless steel

Twisted for rotating the bearing edge of the shackle through 90 degrees.

Contact with galvanised steel may result in accelerated corrosion.

Reference Pin Diameter Length Internal
Twisted D 8mm 41mm
Twisted D 10mm 47mm
Twisted D  12mm 55mm
  • Purchase Type - Clearance
  • Shackle Type - D Shackle
  • Shackle Type - Long Shackle
  • Shackle Type - Twisted Shackle