Seasonal Promotions

15% November Promotion on Custom Build Wire and Fibre Standing Rigging

Measure up or send us your existing rigging in good time, our offer ends at the end of November.

N.B. 15% is the maximum discount allowable on this offer, so any extra discount voucher codes will not be admissable, whether they work at checkout or not

The key to tackling a re-rig is preparation and we have written a step by step guide to help you get started and avoid any pitfalls.
The most frequent questions we answer on standing rigging are on the identification of the end terminals, and how to measure the length of each stay.
We have produced illustrative guides to help you with both:

In previous years, there has been a deluge of orders concluded and rigging packages arriving for inspection towards the end of the month.
N.B. if you want your rigging within a given time-frame, please get your order in early.
We anticipate that the work on the later rigging jobs may not be completed before 21st December.
In fact, our normal published turn around time for rigging orders will officially be extended from 7 days to 21 days.

The last day of the November 15% Promotion is the 30th November 2020 and no discount will be applied after that date.

For a longstanding enquiry where you are close to an order, but struggling to finalise your requirements in time, we may make an exception and allow the 15% discount to be applied to your final order, subject to the receipt of a 75% deposit before the end of the month.

Any 'exceptional' orders must be finalised and paid for in full by Friday 11th December 2020.

Jimmy Green Covid-19 latest information on the November Rigging Offer 

If you wish to take advantage of the standing rigging promotion, but you are unable to visit your yacht due to the current restrictions, the 'exceptional' circumstances will apply.

You will need an indicative quote (or basket) in order to calculate the 75% deposit.
If you are not an existing customer, we recommend that you register an online account so that the basket is saved on our system.

This step by step guide will help you to create an indicative quote yourself:

Do it yourself Standing Rigging Quotes

If you have any difficulty, you can send us the pertinent details as mentioned in the guide and we will create a basket for you.

You will need to pay the 75% deposit by the end of November and finalise the order with payment by Friday 11th December.

If you would like us to use your existing rigging as a pattern, please allow enough time for the Rigging Team to examine, measure and confirm the new rigging order with payment by 5pm on Friday 11th.

Jimmy Green COVID-19 Rigging Drop Off Service

You are welcome to drop off your rigging in Beer to take advantage of the November Promotion.

Please ensure that each wire is labelled with any changes to the specification/measurements clearly noted.

Unfortunately, the chandlery store is closed, so if there is anything you wish to discuss with the rigging team, this will have to be conducted on the telephone.

Team Jimmy Green will inspect your rigging, measure and specify it for you in the form of a website order.

You will need to agree this and make your payment before work can commence.

If we find anything amiss that needs confirmation, this will be communicated to you by telephone or email, so that it can be sorted out in advance.

We will send you the new, finished rigging by courier.

Please advise if you want the existing rigging returned with it.

You should allow 7-21 working days for the rigging work to be completed.


Jimmy Green Advisory

The Rigging Team are happy to help and advise on terminal identification and dimensions e.g. thread sizes, pin diameters, hole diameters.
However, the final specification is the responsibility of the customer, so please check any order that is prepared for you very carefully.
We will require your agreement before work is commenced.
In the case of online orders, the responsibility is very clear - the Jimmy Green Rigging Team will produce your order to your online specification.
In the case of existing rigging sent or brought to Jimmy Green for the Rigging Team to evaluate, we will establish the existing measurements, terminals, sizes and dimensions.
We will guarantee to replicate it, subject to any clearly designated alterations to the original specification, agreed with the customer, prior to commencing the work.