Exposure OLAS Tags

Man overboard wristband

Compact wireless alarm and location device

Universal silicone wrist strap attachment

Also easily attached to children, pets, lifejackets, PLBs

Smart connection to multiple mobile phones/tablets

Navigational directional aid to casualty

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£ 50.00

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OLAS mobile application technology (app) detects a break in its ‘virtual tether’ to the tag within 8 seconds of the man overboard incident occurring.

OLAS can connect to multiple devices e.g. smart phones and/or tablets/iPads.

The mobile phone(s) and/or tablet(s) set off a piercing audible alarm alerting the crew to the manoverboard incident.

OLAS aids the crew with the MOB recovery, clearly directing them to the GPS location where the MOB occurred with clear visual signals and bearing data.

OLAS stores all the location and timeline data of the incident which may be required by the rescue services.

Exposure OLAS

Exposure OLAS Crew Tag Features and PLUS Factors:

  • Free iOS and Android app
  • Bluetooth low power pairing
  • Closed Wireless Network
  • 4 month battery life
  • Versatile attachment options e.g. wristwatch, lifejacket, PLB
  • Universal silicone wrist strap with stainless steel buckle
  • Cost effective
  • Crew tag
  • Portable man overboard alarm using Bluetooth i.e. can be used on any yacht, in any circumstance
  • Additional navigation features including SOG, COG, bearing to waypoint, course to steer and a compass, see video
  • Connects up to 6 tags to 1 phone or tablet
  • Connects 1 tag to multiple phones or tablets
  • Pre-installed CR2477 battery (user replaceable
  • Low battery alert

OLAS = Overboard Location Alert System
PLB = Personal Location Beacon
SOG = speed over the ground
COG = course over the ground

N.B. The OLAS app requires a minimum iOS11 or Android 5.1 operating system to work.

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