Harken Carbo Ratchet - Triple Swivel with Cam

On / Off switch

Triple ball bearing sheaves
N.B. central sheave is faceted

High strength to weight ratio

Cam cleat fitted

With or without becket

Select by sheave diameter:
40mm or 57mm

£ 200.90 inc VAT

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Harken Triple Carbo Ratchets with cams are ideal for 6:1 and 8:1 mainsheet systems on performance dinghies including the facility for locking off loaded lines while also providing low friction sheeting.

The cam cleat assembly adjusts and locks in a wide range of positions for crew accessibility.

Available with or without becket and in 2 sheave diameters.

Nylon resin sideplates are densely packed with long-glass fibres for a compact block with a high strength to weight ratio.

Machined aluminium sheaves are hardcoat anodised for strength and corrosion resistance.

Eight facets (specially formed angled surfaces) on the central sheave hold the line securely.

Ball bearings, sheaves, and sideplates are UV stabilised wih carbon black for maximum protection.

All ratchets feature on / off switches.

These blocks are ideal for main/jib/spinnaker sheets, mainsheet fine-tune, traveller controls, genoa leads and foreguys.

For the ultimate system mount a switchable ratchet in the cockpit and a boom-mounted Ratchamatic® directly above to allow double holding power in heavy air and to ensure the mainsheet runs freely in light air.

HarkenItemMaximum Break LoadSafe Working LoadMaximum Line DiameterWeight
261240mm Triple Swivel Cam680kg340kg6mm242grams
214057mm Triple Swivel Cam;1700kg680kg10mm435grams
261340mm Triple Swivel Becket Cam 816kg408kg6mm435grams
214157mm Triple Swivel Becket Cam2041kg816kg10mm445grams

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