7mm Insulated 1x19 Wire Backstay


Insulated backstays for fitting a VHF Antenna ~ choice of Stalok or Petersen insulators ~ KOS 1x19 stainless steel wire

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Custom made 7mm Insulated 1x19 wire backstays are used to create an antenna for your VHF.
Two insulators need to be inserted into the wire section of the backstay to achieve insulation of a central section.
Jimmy Green Marine offer Stalok and Petersen insulators.
Both brands are specified with a swage stud either side ready for in house swaging.
These swage terminals have short studs compatible with the insulator bodies.

Typically, the lower insulator should be no higher than 2m from the deck. This ensures that the cable from the VHF can be attached to the insulated wire at a convenient height for inspection and maintenance.
The insulated wire section needs to be a minimum of 7m long but no longer than 15m.
Finally, the upper insulator needs to be a minimum of 1m from the mast head to keep it clear of all masthead fittings. 

Use drop down menus to specify:
  • Upper/lower terminations
  • Insulator Brand
  • Length from deck termination to lower insulator
  • Length of wire between insulators
  • Length from top insulator to top termination
Specifying lengths:
  • Between termination and insulator - specify length from end termination to the mid point of the insulator body.
  • Between insulators - specify length from midpoint of insulator to midpoint of insulator.
  • Double check overall length as calculated by the stystem
  • Rigging screws will be supplied 2/3 open at the overall calculated length.
7mm 1x19 stainless steel wire features:
Exclusively sourced from KOS
Manufactured using 316 marine grade stainless steel to 1.4401.
Min Break Load 3560kg

7mm 1x19 swage terminations:
All 316 stainless steel
Brands such as Stalok, Navtec, BSI, Bluewave, Hamma and Petersen
Swaged using a Wireteknik Roller Swager

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