Boatasy Ghook

Boatasy Ghook has been designed to improve your mooring experience by helping your crew to pull up a lazy mooring line from the seabed and deploy it without fuss

£ 63.00 VAT incl.

£ 70.00


Easy one handed use
Improves deck cleanliness
Mooring up to 3 times faster
Protects your hands from injury

Particularly handy when mooring stern to, using the mooring line which has been lying at the bottom of the marina 

The product features a g shaped frame made of tough plastic. A generous 7cm wheel. Stainless steel safety latch. Ergonomic handlle and an opening for optional rope extension.

No more dirty hands, no more cuts and no more mud on the deck!
The innovative rotating G-shaped hook is your new crew member that does the dirty job!
Rather than sliding the lazy line, which is usually covered in seabed grime and sharp barnacles, through your hands, the GHOOK's wide rotating wheel quickly and effectively moves even the most overgrown mooring lines without contact with hands or deck.
The GHOOK consists of a handle with an integral rolling wheel and a safety latch.
The float lanyard included can be attached for even easier handling