Navtec Super Snap Shackles

Navtec Super Snap Shackles, 17/4 high load stainless steel, triggerlatch opening mechanism with release fid for quicker, safer foredeck work

£ 86.40 VAT incl.

£ 96.00


Swivel for free rotation when required

Originally designed and produced by Navtec, manufactured by Lewmar

Suitable for high load applications

Exceptionally Durable

Avaialble with Standard Bail and Large Bail for multiple lines or fittings

Lewmar Size Bail T Width T Length RWL
NSS-720 Small Standard 21.5mm 26.2mm 2050kg
NSS-721 Large Standard 26.7mm 29.8mm 3600kg
NSS-723 Small Large 21.5mm 25.8mm 2050kg
NSS-724 Large Large 28.5mm 29.8mm 3050kg

T = Throat
RWL = manufacturer recommended work load
Break Load will typically = 2 x RWL