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How To Clean Your Boat

07 Nov 2022

It is no surprise that boats require dedicated maintenance to keep them looking and functioning at their best. From lovingly tending your teak surfaces to scrubbing canvas, the rewards of taking care of your boat's appearance are substantial. However, we'd like to zero in on the value of learning how to clean your boat's exterior today. To be specific, we're going to look at how to remove stains from a boat hull safely and effectively.

Those who follow along with what we share here in the virtual realm of Jimmy Green Marine know that we are great advocates of the idea that "a stitch in time saves nine." That's why we take such care in hand-selecting a range of tried-and-true maintenance products to help you keep your vessel in tip-top condition.

However, a stain here or there on the hull is difficult to avoid, even for the most meticulous owners. In the absence of decent know-how, trying to remove a stain could lead to sailors exposing themselves and the local marine environment to dangerous chemicals or the possibility of damaging the hull or deck surface. Unfortunate mishaps like this could result in a reduction in the value of the craft. With that in mind, today, we will share our go-to product and top tips on how to clean your boat quickly.

Why Your Boat's Exterior Deserves Attention

Who doesn't love stepping aboard a bright, shiny vessel ready to reflect the sun's rays as they bounce off the water? A clean boat is uplifting, and time spent on deck is bound to be more enjoyable. Although, of course, there is much more to keeping your hull clean than vanity and aesthetics alone.

An immaculate hull will not only enhance the appearance and maximise functionality but also extend the lifespan of the manufacturing materials. Not to mention, by keeping your boat in great shape, and should the day come that you start dreaming of an upgrade and want to make a sale, you'll also be ensuring retention of the highest value possible. These are all significant advantages when considering how to remove stains from a boat hull and which cleaning product to use.

Common Mistakes in Boat Cleaning

When we are talking about the stains that tend to afflict boat hulls despite our best intentions, what are the usual culprits, and how do they set in? No matter whether yours is a vessel of fibreglass, wood, or metal, and be it finished with a gel coat, yacht enamel, or marine paint, it may well fall prey to one of the following stain sources:

  • Unsightly waterline stains in yellow or brown
  • Bird lime
  • Rust stains from fittings
  • Exhaust stains
  • Limescale stains

So, why remove these stains, and why do it with caution? All of the finishes mentioned above reflect where you might see potential staining show up and play a critical role in maintaining a well-conditioned craft. In addition, the exterior surface of your boat's hull is an important protectant, safeguarding against UV damage and corrosion while ensuring a smooth and efficient sailing experience.

With all that in mind, it's tempting to resort to any means necessary to remove hull stains. However, there are a few options to steer clear of, so keep these tips in mind:

  1. Avoid using corrosive chemicals that may compromise the integrity of the hull's finish
  2. Avoid the thinning caused by using abrasive cleaning tools like sandpaper, steel wool, or a scraper
  3. Avoid using harmful chemical cleaners that may threaten your health if exposed
  4. Avoid using unnecessary compounds that may pose a threat to marine life or contribute to pollution

A Trusty Boat Cleaning Product to Take the GRUNT Out of Cleaning Your Boat

Knowing what you want to avoid when mastering how to clean your boat effectively, the next question is what you can use. You're probably wondering what the Jimmy Green team use on their boats. The answer is Grunt Boat Cleaner, a dependable product that is mild in all regards except when it comes to shifting nasty stains.

And how does it achieve this feat? Grunt Boat Cleaner penetrates the pores of your hull's gel coat, gently neutralising and absorbing any staining without affecting the gel coat's integrity. You can apply it to any of the finishes mentioned above and wait around 30 minutes before rinsing off for impressive results.

We love a story of a brand built by a team of true boaters; it reminds us of our origins and supports our belief that like-minded people designed their innovation with a reverence for practical sailing and seafaring. The founders of Grunt launched their enterprise from Ireland, where they owned a boatyard and felt inspired to create a range of marine products that would meet the earnest needs of their everyday customers.

Returning to the product usage, you can apply Grunt Boat Cleaner safely to most two-part marine paint systems, yacht enamels, and gel coat surfaces. Because no scrubbing is required, it is also ideal for cleaning textured non-slip surfaces, and because it is a liquid gel, it adheres perfectly to vertical and overhead surfaces.

Better yet, Grunt Boat Cleaner is free from harsh oxalic, muriatic, or hydrochloric acids that can be damaging either to the environment or to your respiratory system. Instead, Grunt employs ecologically safer phosphoric acid, putting you in the know on how to clean your boat without risk and without even breaking a sweat. 

Ready to learn more? Check out the Grunt Boat Cleaner product page, and if in doubt, reach out to the Jimmy Green team to confirm it's the right choice for you. We're always happy to assist you with any queries. 

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