Seago RP500 + Recovery System

Make boarding from the water easier and safer.

Designed to make a stable platform for the MOB to get out of the water until a recue boat is alongside.

The RP500+ can then be attached to the boat so the MOB can quickly and safely baord the vessel using the inflatable boarding ladder.

£ 550.00 inc VAT

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Maximum Capacity  - 2 Person (200kg maximum)

Special Features

  • 250mm buoyancy tube diameter
  • 3 x 40L water pockets for stability also double as boarding step
  • Full inflation within 5 seconds
  • Grab lines for boarding
  • Light weight compact design
  • Paddle, rescue quoit
  • Reversible
  • Whistle

Hexagonal design 1650mm edge to edge

Material: Butyle rubber

Chambers: 1

Inflation Method: Co2

Colour: Orange