Colligo Marine Soft Padeye

Colligo Marine Soft Padeye

Requires a 19mm hole

Easy to install

Comes with dyneema loop

Reduces trip hazards on deck

£ 100.00 inc VAT

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No more broken toes or rusty stainless padeyes.

This innovative, patent pending device allows the use of a Dyneema loop for attaching sheet leads, spinnaker, or even staysail tacks without the need for a heavy, rusty, stainless padeye.

Just insert the padeye body into a 3/4 inch hole, bed with sealant, and use the combined backing plate/nut to retain the fitting.

The provided Dyneema loop can be easily changed when needed and uses a simple stopper knot for retention.

3/4"(19mm) - 3500 lbs-f SWL