PROtect Laser Kit

Clearance PROtect Tape Laser Kit - 1 piece short

This kit is 1 piece short of being complete.

There is only one mast step disk compared to 2 in the full kit.

£ 29.95 inc VAT

£ 43.00

-£ 13.05

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Chafe Tape Laser Kit contains:

  • 2 stripes, 500 micron, 51mm wide, 200mm long (PML001)
  • 1 disks, 1mm, diameter 65mm (PML002)
  • PCT125 17mm and 30mm, 2m long for snug fit of top and bottom sections of the mast (PML004)
  • PCT250 34mm, 150mm for the tiller abrasion
  • PCT250 150mm x 300mm for the outhaul
  • PCT250 5 squares 30 x 30mm for the centre board

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