Clearance Marlow D2 Club

Clearance Marlow D2 Club

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Marlow D2 Club is designed as an affordable upgrade to Performance Cruising Halyards making it possible to replace 100% existing polyester lines without going to the expense of a Dyneema SK78 core

Marlow D2 Club Cruising Dyneema utilises a full, 12 plait Dyneema SK38 core which is lighter and lower stretch than polyester.

Cover - 16 plait Polyester
Core - 12 strand Dyneema SK38

Dyneema SK38 is lighter and has less stretch than polyester but does not match the enhanced performance of Dyneema SK78.
Marlow propose using the same diameter as existing lines, saving the need to change sheaves, blocks or clutches because SK38 is not significantly stronger than polyester

Marlow estimate that the stretch characteristics will be approximately 2.5-3% compared with 4% for Marlowbraid and 2% for LIROS Dynamic Plus

Diameters and Colours:
8mm, 10mm, 12mm in full colours - Plain Navy, Plain Black (both with no marker yarns) and a distinctive Red Marble (red blended with white)

Weight p100m4.14kg6.98kg8.76kg12.0kg
MBL = Marlow Minimum Break Load

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