Seago Inshore Flares Kit

3 litre Polybottle containing 2 Red Handlfares, 2 Orange Handsmokes 

Delivered direct by Seago Yachting

Expiry Date for current stock = May 2023

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SeaGO Inshore Flares Kit

Comprises 2 Red Hand Flares and 2 Orange Handsmokes in a 3 litre polybottle.

Suitable for craft sailing no further than 3 miles from shore.

Flares incur a delivery surcharge at checkout to cover the cost of special packaging and licensing required for the courier to deliver goods of a hazardous nature.

Red Hand Flare features:

Close range distress signal used to pinpoint position during day or night
Burns with a light intensity of 15,000 candela for a minimum duration of 60 seconds
Simple hand-held pull operation
Corrosion-resistant steel tube with a shockproof plastic handle

Conforms to the latest regulatory norms:

  • SOLAS 74/96
  • MED 96/98 EC
  • Directive 2013|32|EU
  • IMO Res. MSC. 81 (70) as amended
SeaGORed Hand
Ejection height
Burning time> 60 seconds
Light intensity 15,000 candela
Expiry3 Year minimum

Orange Hand Flare features:

Day-light only distress signal for alerting your position
Simple hand-held pull operation
Produces a highly visible dense orange smoke
Shockproof plastic tube

Conforms to the latest regulatory norm:

  • CE: Directive 2013|29|EU
SeaGOHand Smoke – Orange
Ejection height
Burning time60 seconds
Light intensity
Expiry3 Year minimum