Selden Mainsheet Cars

Selden Mainsheet Cars for use on System 30 and System 42 track.

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Seldén’s tracks and travellers are designed with attention to detail, combining ergonomics and low friction components.
The ability to easily adjust the position of a traveller aids efficient and pleasant sailing both for the racing sailor as well as for the sailor out there just for pure pleasure. 


  • Black anodised, extruded aluminium
  • Torlon® ball bearings
  • Ø 40 mm plain bearing Acetal sheaves for control lines
  • Suitable max size of control line is Ø 8 mm.
Seldén system 30 is used for yachts up to approximately 45’.
Seldén system 42 can be used for boats up to approximately 65'.

System 30 details

System 42 details

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