Selden Self-Tailing Winches

Selden Self-Tailing Winches

2 Speed S Range

Exceptional grip from unique drum shaping

Ingenious self-tailing innovation

Safer, more efficient line handling

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Seldén S Range 2 Speed Self-Tailing Winches

They combine cutting edge technology, innovative concepts and the best modern alloys/stainless-steel grades culminating in reduced weight and minimum maintenance.

Seldén S Range Design Plus Factors:

Seldén-engineered concave shaping of the rope drum delivers outstanding grip, decreases the necessary number of turns, lessens the chance of a riding turn and enables a fast and responsive release of the load.

The self-tailing mechanism is a completely different concept to the traditional V type grip.

Selden have designed a semi-circular groove for the rope with an inventive spring-loaded disc to keep it engaged.

The combination of the distinctive self-tailing mechanism and the secure grip on the drum enables the crew to trim the slack in the sheet with the line engaged in the self-tailing groove, and with the winch handle mounted on top.

Tacking and Gybing Advantage:

The sheet can be pre-loaded in the self-tailer on the new windward winch, prior to any manoeuvre.

The crew can pull in the slack quickly and easily through the self-tailer for the new course and immediately tension the line with the pre-engaged winch handle.

Seldén Winch Main Features:

  • Manual operation, Selden winch handle available
  • Two speed (two gears)
  • Unique drum shaping
  • Ingenious self-tailing innovation
  • Marine grade, polished stainless steel self-tailing feeder arm
Seldén S Range 2 Winches Specifications
SizeBase Diameter (mm)Weight (kg)Line Size (mm)Fasteners (Allen)
S301503.28-12M6 x 5
S401503.28-12M6 x 5
S481885.110-14M8 x 5
S541885.110-14M8 x 5

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