Bolle Gravity Goggles

The Bollé Gravity Goggle is a medium-large ski goggle with a spherical lens that gives a wide field of vision. The Gravity has it all - performance, comfort and style.

This goggle is great for those who want the best view and style on the slopes!

£ 33.60 VAT incl.

£ 84.00


Features -

- Triple layer face foam - ultra soft micro fleece backed with two layers of multidensity foam for a soft firm fit

- Wide field of vision for maximum peripheral view
- Double spherical lens to make a thermal barrier to give exceptional optics and a superior seal
- Flow tech venting to reduce fogging and optimise air flow over the inside of the lens, prevents clogging from snow and ice
- Anti fog
- Anti scratch
- UV protection
- A waterproof breathable vent equalises air pressure between the lenses to eliminate moisture. The result is distortion-free vision and no-fogging at any altitude
- Forestay system - swinging outrigger to maintain a perfect fit with helmets