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Epsilon Anchor - Stainless Steel
Epsilon Anchor - Stainless Steel

Lewmar Design and Manufacture

Super-high holding power

Rapid Setting

316 marine grade stainless

Fits over bow rollers like a Delta®

Please allow approximately 6 weeks for delivery


More Information

Lewmar Epsilon™ Anchor - stainless steel

The Lewmar Epsilon™ design combines super high-holding power and the renowned manufacturing quality of the longstanding, tried and proven Delta® Anchor

The concave fluke and ballast keel deliver holding power and rapid setting to compare favourably with all other modern anchor designs.

The Epsilon™ design maintains the self-launching characteristics of the Delta® over Lewmar bow rollers.

The Epsilon™ shank has a similar geometry to the original Delta® so that you can have confidence that an upgrade from Delta® to Epsilon™ will fit your existing stemhead arrangement and bow roller.

Lewmar Epsilon™ Anchor Facts, Features and Plus Factors:

  • Lewmar time proven materials
  • Lewmar renowned manufacturing quality
  • 316 marine grade stainless steel for maximum strength
  • Super-High Holding Power
  • Anti-snagging design
  • Optional roll bar for sailboat application
  • Full range from 6kg – 63kg
  • Ballasted tip for fast setting
  • Fully compatible with Lewmar bow rollers

Lewmar Epsilon Anchor Dimensions Diagram

Lewmar Epsilon Dimensions
Reference Anchor Weight Chain Size A B C D E
0057506 6kg 6/7mm 483mm 8mm 271mm 258mm 337mm
0057510 10kg 8mm 573mm 10mm 332mm 306mm 401mm
0057516 16kg 8mm 670mm 12mm 376mm 358mm 469mm
0057520 20kg 10mm 720mm 12mm 406mm 387mm 505mm
0057525 25kg 10mm 778mm 16mm 438mm 417mm 545mm
0057532 32kg 10mm 839mm 16mm 474mm 452mm 590mm
0057540 40kg 10mm 907mm 20mm 512mm 486mm 636mm
0057550 50kg 12mm 974mm 20mm 550mm 519mm 680mm
0057563 63kg 12mm 1049mm 22mm 595mm 562mm 736mm

N.B. Chain Size is a Lewmar recommendation only

Lewmar Epsilon™ Anchor Size Chart

Lewmar Epsilon Size Guide

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