Wichard Titanium Snap Shackle

Wichard Titanium Snap Shackle

Wichard Titanium Swivel eye snap shackle WD52475 is forged from Titanium TA6V.

Compares favourably with HR stainless steel for break load but makes a considerable weight saving of over 30%.

£ 326.00 inc VAT

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Titanium delivers superb lightweight performance under load WD5247 weighs just 94g compared with the comaprable HR stainless version WD2475 136g - over 30% weight saving in the rigging.

Wichard Titanium snap shackles are the premium choice for weight saving and racing break load capability.

The plunger pin design and manufacturing process results in an assembly which will not come apart, even after extended use.

The plunger pin is ergonomically designed to open easily but also features a ring for attaching a release lanyard.

Swivel Eye - for use when free rotation will help to maintain the desired sail shape.

WD-52475Swivel EyeTitanium90mm21mm14mm1200kg2800kg