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Lazy Jack Sail Handling

Lazyjacks are the common name for a system of interconnected lines designed to keep the mainsail in check and dropping vertically into a neat pile on top of the boom.

Lazyjack lines run from the mast to the boom (or stacking boom cover) to prevent a slab reefing mainsail from falling all over the deck as it is lowered on the halyard.

Lazyjack lines may be used in conjunction with a purpose designed open top boom cover that creates a channel for accepting the mainsail flakes. The sail is then enclosed with a zipped cover. 

LIROS Lazyjack rope has been specifically designed for the purpose with two main properties in mind:

  • Spliceable 12 strand hollowbraid construction - for neat multiple interconnections.
  • 100% high denier polyester - for abrasion and UV resistance

6mm diameter is the optimum size for most cruising yachts, generally quite robust enough for all but the largest yachts and heaviest mainsails, without causing too much windage or weight aloft. Custom build your lazyjacks, cut and spliced to length by the Jimmy Green Rigging Team.

Available in LIROS Silver (grey)

Lazy Jack Article Number 01532 - 100% High Denier Polyester designed and manufactured by LIROS Ropes specifically for Lazy Jacks and associated applications.

  • 12 plait Hollowbraid
  • Firm, Round, Compact Construction
  • Lightweight
  • Very high UV Resistance
  • Excellent Wear Resistance
  • Spliceable
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LIROS 6mm Lazy Jack
LIROS 6mm Lazy Jack
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Clearance LIROS Lazy Jack Rope

Clearance LIROS Lazy Jack Rope

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