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Petersen Stainless - Upset Forging Information

The information on this page is taken from the Petersen Stainless Lifting Catalogue

What is upset Forging?
Upset forging is a metal shaping process in which a heated workpiece is gripped between split female dies while a heading die (sometimes referred to as the punch) is forced against the workpiece, deforming and enlarging the area of the workpiece. Special die cavities allow control over the workpiece geometry until it achieves its final shape.

Why use electrical upset forging?
Mechanical upsetters can only gather about 2.5 diameters per blow. Parts with large heads must be made with multiple blows. This can weaken the final forging because of discontinuous folds of jagged grain flow. Electrical upsetting allows for continuous gathering of up to 30 diameters in one operation. This produces even and continuous grain flow in the final forging.

Why does this produce a better and stronger shackle or swage fitting?
The shackle will be stronger if there is less interruption to the grain flow of the raw material. The ultimate goal is to achieve the least amount of disruption to grain flow as possible, thus resulting in a strong, high integrity shackle.
Electrical upset forging is the best process for achieving minimal grain flow disruption.

Petersen Shackle Testing Procedures
Each lifting shackle is individually tested before it leaves the factory. The test involves loading the lifting shackle to its proof load. The proof load is twice the working load limit (safe working load). Each lifting shackle is then individually engraved with the test batch reference, the WLL of the lifting shackle, a reference to the type of material it is made from and the CE mark. The CE mark confirms  that the lifting shackle has been manufactured in accordance with the EU machine directive 2006/42/EC. Once the lifting shackle tests are complete, a certificate of test is produced detailing the relevant product and test information. All CE marked lifting shackles are also supplied with an instruction leaflet detailing how the lifting shackles should be used, stored and inspected. A declaration of conformity is also supplied with all CE marked lifting shackles.

Extra services - sequential marketing and tracing
Most organisations have quality plans in place which require a system to trace raw materials back to their source.
Due to their flexible manufacturing set-up, Petersen have the ability to sequentially mark shackles with customer specific information, thus providing a better method of tracing.

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