Polyform Norway Fender Inflation Guide

Inflation Guide for Polyform Norway Fenders F1 to F11 and Buoys A1 - A5 

Polyform fenders and buoys do not require any special inflation adaptors or tools.

Suitable hand/foot/stirrup/electric pumps are widely available.

Just ensure that you use a nozzle with a snug fit.

To make the operation easier, you can purchase a Polyform fender inflation nozzle adaptor which fits on e.g. a car tyre foot pump.

Do not use a Bicycle pump or a football pump needle

How to inflate a buoy or fender

Step 1 - Remove the valve

Use a flat head screw driver to gently unscrew the value screw located at the rope hold end.

Step 2 - Insert a suitable nozzle

Connect a suitable nozzle to the pump and introduce the nozzle end to the valve housing with a snug fit.

Step 3 - Inflate the fender

Hand, Foot or Stirrup Pump
Inflate until the fender takes shape.
NB. you should be able to depress the fender by approximately 12mm. Compressor Maximum 2 bar (30psi) pressure.
Be carful not to over inflate.



Inflation Guide for F Series F11 and A Series A6 and A7 only

Air filling V-40 valve

Sealed / closed

** The V-40 value is designed for easy inflation and deflation of our largest products, A6, A7 and F13.

This is not a non-return value.**

Valve screw is open and cannot get further out of the valve.

Valve screw is now ready for inflation through center hole.

**To inflate the product, the valve is opened by turning the valve screw anticlockwise 3-4 times. A 17 socket (17mm socket) is the correct tool.**

Inflation of the product through center hole.

Close / seal valve screw after inflation

**Inflate through the center hole of ther valve screw itself, and tighten the screw. **