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Everywhere you look on a boat or yacht, webbing can be used to perform simple, but very effective improvements to the stowage and working systems onboard.

Webbing Plus Factors:

  • Good Strength, especially in high tenacity polyester
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Multi-purpose
  • Exceptional malleabilty and adjustability - making it ideal for use around awkward shaped fittings
  • Soft finish - kind on the hands and sympathetic to the deck and fittings

Webbing only is available in polypropylene and polyester in various widths from 20mm to 50mm to cover a multitude of different marine applications:

  • 20mm and 25mm Polypropylene for sail ties and similar purposes - 25mm available with JGM logo at reduced rates
  • 25mm and 50mm Polyester suitable for restraint straps and comparable functions
  • 25mm and 45mm High Tenacity Polyester suitable for jackstays, lifelines, guardrails and other high load applications

All these different webbings are available cut to length by the metre or in 50 metre lengths at reduced rates.

The Jimmy Green website has an easy to follow function which allows you to custom build your own finished, made to measure webbing lines with sewn loop options at either end.

This exercise makes it very simple to get a quote, and once you are happy with your specification, name each piece for reference and purchase online.

Jimmy Green Marine offer a range of webbing accessories produced in house by the Jimmy Green Sewing Team including:

  • Webbing Soft Shackles in various lengths and designs
  • Webbing Reefing Straps
  • Webbing Sail Ties in 3 different designs - stitched loop at one end, buckle slide adjuster stitched onto one end, heavy duty velcro hook and loop

If you need a bespoke solution in webbing, please contact the Jimmy Green Rigging Sales Team.

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