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Blue Wave

Blue Wave Rigging Hardware A/S are a third generation, family owned, manufacturing business, founded in 1932, operating from their facility in Haderslev, Denmark.

The Blue Wave Team has a marine focus with 50 plus dedicated and skilled employees, some with over 40 years of experience in the field.

Blue Wave are currently among the top three largest manufacturers of high quality, stainless steel rigging hardware in the world.

The Blue Wave range has developed from shackles and thimbles to include stainless steel wire fittings from 2mm-36mm diameter and a comprehensive rod rigging program.

Blue Wave has developed a world-renowned brand name through consistent investment in high tech production machinery in order to satisfy the ever involving marine industry requirements.

Blue Wave apply the principles of efficient production, good design, low weight and optimal strength to all their products.

Blue Wave A/S H.C. Oerstedsvej 2 DK 6100 Haderslev Denmark



Phone: + 45 73 22 14 14

Blue Wave
Bluewave Backstay Triangle
Spare Swageless Cone - 1x19
Bluewave Dyneema Rope Ball
Bluewave Dyneema Rope Eye
Bluewave Dyneema Rope Eye - Aluminium
Bluewave Dyneema Rope Fork
Bluewave Dyneema Rope T
Bluewave Dyneema Rope Thread
Bluewave Dyneema Wheel Thimble
Bluewave Forged T Eye
Blue Wave Mast Coquilles for VMG Stem Ball Terminals