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Dinghy Control Lines

Marlow Excel Pro - low stretch twisted core and durable 16plait cover in 100% Polyester - suitable for dinghy/dayboat club racing and cruising

Marlow Excel PS12 - 12 strand hollowbraid construction makes it easy to splice and good to handle, 100% prestretched armourcoat treated polyester - low stretch, good grip, excellent UV resistance

Marlow Excel Control - designed specifically for dinghy control lines, Technora Blend, heat and abrasion resistant cover delivers grip where and when you need it with good holding power in cleats

Marlow Excel Racing - Low Stretch Dyneema Core and enhanced polyester cover delivers a performance rope - suitable for control lines on dinghies and keelboats

Marlow Excel Racing GP78 - dinghy version of D2 Grand Prix 78. The Dyneema SK78 core provides high strength and low stretch. The technora/polyester blended cover provides ultimate wear resistance and grip. Perfect for all halyards but especially effective for spinnaker halyards.

Marlow Excel D12 - Low Stretch 12 strand hollowbraid Dyneema Liros

LIROS Prestretched 8-Plait Polyester - 100% heat set polyester, 8 plait construction with no core for extra long life, hard wearing properties and less than 4% stretch at working load

LIROS Magic Pro - 16 plait spin dyed specially developed Grip Fibre Polyester Cover - Colour Matching Dyneema® SK78 plaited Core with LIROS Heat-Stretch-System and LIROS XTR Protective Grip-Coating - ideal for cover stripping

LIROS D Pro - 100% pure Dyneema® rope with the latest in coating technology, manufactured in a 12 plait construction with no core which makes it extremely easy to splice.

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Marlow Excel Pro - 4mm
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