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Jimmy Green offer a wide range of tapes suitable for the rigours of the marine environment.

Tapes are available for a broad range of different applications onboard e.g.

  • Protect tapes for preventing wear from lines rubbing on deck or any other hard surface.
  • PSP tapes for sail patch and repair
  • PSP tapes for rigging chafe protection
  • PSP tapes for rope applications
  • PSP tapes for providing grip and safety tread
  • Retro-reflective tape for hi-vis results at night
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PSP Heavy Duty Sail Repair Tape.
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PROtect CHAFE clear tape
PSP Spinnaker RepairTape
PROtect Skid Tape
self amalgamating tape, 19mm x 5 metres
PROtect Mask Rigging Tape
Jimmy Green Insulation Tape
PSP dacron sail repair patch
PSP Rig_Wrap Millionaires Tape
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PSP Duck Tape

PSP Duct Tape

PSP Mylar Sail Repair Tape
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