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Turnbuckle Components

Turnbuckle Components are available to purchase separately from Jimmy Green Marine

Rigging Screws can get bent or damaged but sometimes, if you are fortunate, there is no need to replace the complete turnbuckle because some parts are still serviceable.

The Jimmy Green Rigging Team offer the opportunity to buy replacement components/parts for STA-LOK and Petersen Rigging Screws

Bottlescrew Component Parts:

  • Barrels/Bodies, Open or Closed in Bronze and Stainless Steel
  • Threaded Eyes
  • Threaded Forks and Toggle Forks
  • Threaded Shackle Toggles
  • Threaded Studs
  • Threaded StemBalls

Rigging Screws and Turnbuckles, also known as bottlescrews, are an extremely important component in the standing rigging on a yacht because they provide the adjustment required to tension the rig correctly.

All parts of a rigging screw are generally manufactured from AISI 316 marine grade stainless steel but the turnbuckle body (barrel) may be manufactured from even stronger more resilient metals to prevent galling e.g. manganese bronze, high tensile bronze alloy with a chrome finish or naval grade, ultrasonically inspected aluminium bronze.

Rigging Screws are initially best set up 2/3 open to allow for good adjustment either way.

Bear this in mind when setting up the lengths of your rigging wires.

Rigging Screws can facilitate adjustment of the tension in shrouds, stays, guard wires and lifelines.

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Sta-Lok Turnbuckle Body

welded threaded fork

Sta-Lok Strap Toggle Open Body UNF Thread

Sta-Lok Fork End Open Body UNF Thread

Sta-Lok Forged Bronze Body UNF Thread Chrome Plated

Petersen GT Turnbuckle - Open Body

Petersen Eye Threaded Terminals - Stemball Studs

petersen hi mod stud

Petersen Toggle Threaded Terminals - Studs Stud

Sta-lok supajust body

Petersen Swage Studs with Imperial Thread

stalok stud

Sta-Lok Stud