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Jimmy Green Marine is the main Spade anchor retailer on the UK Mainland, carrying stock of all sizes of the S Series Galvanised Spade Anchor from size S40 to S160:

Spade S Series
Model / Size S40 S60 S80 S100 S120 S140 S160 S180 S200
Weight 6kg 9.5kg 15kg 20kg 25kg 30kg 35kg 45kg 55kg

The S180, S200 and all sizes of the stainless steel X Series and Aluminium A-Series are available to order online - Please enquire about the lead time for delivery.

SPADE Anchor Features:

The SPADE Anchor:- 

It always lands the right way up.

The SPADE Anchor’s triangular ballast chamber is filled with lead to ensure that the anchor lands at the optimum angle for penetration.

The anchor is specifically designed so that half the weight is distributed over the tip ensuring penetration into difficult types of seabed, e.g. dense weed, sea grass, kelp, and gravel.

Hollow Shank

The hollow triangular box section (except models 40 and 60) delivers exceptional strength without compromising the advantage of the weight distribution.

Digs in quickly

You can expect your Spade anchor to dig in immediately, completely, and normally within its length.

Phenomenal Holding Power

The large concave blade presents the maximum surface area to the direction of the load.

Deep Penetration is guaranteed

Your Spade is designed to penetrate deep into the seabed, further than any anchor with a roll bar, ensuring that the concave surface area works to maximum effect.

It stays set if the wind or tide shifts, and it won't pull out

Unlike roll-bar anchors, the Spade is entirely roll stable, so it will remain buried, even with wind and tide shifts.

Excellent Stowage

The Spade Anchor fits most bow rollers without modification, and it can be dismantled if required (some models are fixed shank)

Manufactured for optimum performance

Spade Anchors are produced to an exacting standard rather than down to a budget.

Manufacturer Warranty

Each Spade anchor comes with a six-month manufacturer satisfaction warranty.

Spade Anchor, PBO best buy
Galvanised Spade Anchor
Spade Anchor S Series Stainless Steel