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Safety Accessories

Team Jimmy Green have sourced and collated a portfolio of essential safety accessories to complement the main onboard safety inventory, ranging from the extra equipment required for extended cruising on a sailing or motor yacht to the personal basics including:

  • Grab Bags - different shapes and sizes of buoyant satchels/holdalls for storing essential items that need to be ready for a quick departure
  • Grab Bag Contents - a range of suggestions for that all-important grab bag
  • Yacht Drogues - parachute anchors, warps, bridles and swivels
  • Fire Fighting - fire extinguishers, blankets and the innovative Fire Safety Stick
  • Hand held VHF radios
  • Torches - Search, Strobe and Spotlights, Head Torches and man overboard beacons
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Wichard Rescue Line Cutter
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Galley Straps - colours available

Galley Strap

Lalizas nautical whistle
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Floating Safety Knife
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Lalizas Gas Fog Horn
Thermal Foil Blanket
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Floating Key Ring
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ICOM VHF Handheld Marine Radio IC-M25
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ACR SR203 Handheld Radio Primary Battery and Charger
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Wooden Plugs medium
Black Ball and Cone
Automatic ABC Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher