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Quick Windlasses

Quick are internationally renowned for their superior quality craftmanship in the manufacture of Windlasses and Windlass controls for power and sailboats from 5 metres up to 20 metres.

The Quick headquarters and factory is a modern, state-of-the-art production facility based in Ravenna, Italy.

Quick produce a range of vertical and horizontal axis windlasses together with technically innovative switches and controls.

Quick Windlass production is at the forefront of manufacturing technology with each component designed and tested by the specialist Quick engineering team.

Quick Production Facility

Quick Design Innovation

Each Quick windlass is a result of careful research aimed at developing a range of innovative, technically advanced, state-of-the-art products.

Quick ECO Values: Cleaner Production

Quick seek to minimise the impact of their manufacturing processes by aiming at reducing waste to zero.

This is achieved by investing in technological research and development to identify:

  • Efficient use of resources
  • Reduction in non-conformity issues
  • Integration of advanced Computerised Numerical Control in-house production systems
  • Cooperation with local supply chain partners

Quick Windlass Materials

AISI 316 stainless steel

AISI 316 is the main material employed because it is the most enduring alloy when exposed to a marine environment, requires very little maintenance, and restores easily with a suitable cleaner.

The versatility of stainless is demonstrated by the variety of production techniques which can be applied e.g. fusion, mechanical processing and moulding, and aesthetic mirror polishing.

Stainless can be matched in with anodised aluminium and composite nylon or GRP to reduce weight without compromising strength or performance

Hard Oxide Anodised Aluminium

Quick hard anodising is a minimum 50 microns compared with the normal 20 microns. The extra protective coating enhances corrosion resistance and raises the dielectric constant postponing the onset of electrolytic reaction

Quick Windlass Features:

Simple Gypsy Classification

Each standard gypsy is classified by a number from 1-9 to denote the size and calibration of anchor chain from 6mm to 16 mm. The classification denotes the size and calibration of chain

Gypsy Size 2 to 5 (6-14mm) are designed to work with a combination of 3 strand rope and calibrated chain due to special internal notching and the additional rope puller (required)

Gypsies for rope and chain offer maximum functionality on windlasses fitted with a rope puller.Combination Rope Chain Gypsy

Quick Rope Chain Gypsy The combination gypsy features angled teeth to grip and release the rope

Chain Stripper

The chain stripper device allows the anchor-rode to separate smoothly from the gypsy and fall into the anchor locker and prevents the rope from jamming

Quick Stripper

Free-fall device

Manual free-fall refers to the natural dropping speed of the rode enabled by manually releasing the gypsy clutch. Automatic Free-Fall is available on some models which means it can be controlled electronically

Chain Counter Magnet Sensor - installed as standard on all models

Quick sensor magnet

Pressure Lever - fitted as an integral part for any rope/chain combination gypsy windlass

Quick rope lever

Inspection Lid – excellent innovation for maintenance and problem prevention

Quick inspection access

IP66/67 Water Ingress Protection

PVC FLEX gaskets deliver effective gearbox protection against water infiltration by allowing for any contours in the deck.

DC electric motors are protected with a watertight composite casing, with gaskets and sealed electrical cable outlets

Multi-angle Motor-Gearbox, Installation

The gearbox can be fitted in a choice of different orientations to avoid any under deck obstruction. Any position can be selected without hindering the fall of the chain into the locker.

Quick windlass gearbox orientation

Selecting a Quick Windlass

The main factors to consider are:

  1. Yacht length and displacement
  2. Foredeck layout
  3. Chain locker space available
  4. Total weight of anchor and the anchor rode (rope and chain)

Factors 1-3 determine the suitable overall size and deck footprint, and whether a horizontal or vertical axis windlass will be the best option.

Factor 4

Add the weight of the anchor to the weight of the entire length of the rode.

Chain weights approximately per metre are as follows

6mm 0.8kg, 7mm 1.1kg, 8mm 1.4kg, 10mm 2.3kg, 12mm 3.2kg

Multiply the total weight by 4 to calculate the Maximum Workload

Multiply the Maximum Workload by 3 to establish the Maximum Instant Pull in kg

Maximum Pull occurs just before the anchor is released from the seabed, see illustrations below

The power (wattage) required should be approximately equivalent to the Maximum Pull

For example:

  • 10kg anchor with 50 metres 8mm chain weighs approximately = 80kg
  • Maximum Workload = 80 x 4 = 320kg
  • Maximum Instant Pull = 320kg x 3 = 960kg
  • Power requirement 1000 watts

Quiock maximum load graph

Quick anchor retrieval

Quick Windlass Installation Requirements

Assess the layout and space on the foredeck to establish a direct line from the bow roller to the gypsy at the correct angle

Check the size of the anchor locker is sufficient to:

  • Accommodate the quantity of rope/chain that will be stored, see note on fall-height below
  • Allow the fitting of the motor gearbox (vertical windlass)

N.B. The distance from the underside of the deck and the accumulated chain must not be less than 40cm

Quick horizontal fall Quick vertical fall

How to choose between a Horizontal or a Vertical Windlass


  • Simple installation - the entire unit is housed in the outer casing on deck
  • The chain is engaged with the gypsy up to a quarter of the circumference (c 90°)


  • Compact deck unit because the motor-gearbox is housed inside the chain locker.
  • The is engaged with the gypsy up to half of the circumference (c 180°)
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