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Fixings and Fastenings

Fixings are essential component parts for all repairs, renewals and improvements onboard a sailing or motor boat. There isn't much point in researching and sourcing the exact additional fitting that will improve your yacht systems if you don't have the correct fastenings to finish the job. It is important to make your selection mindful of the diameter, thread and length required. There are a number of different methods for successfully completing a strong fixing. It is important to select the correct type of fastener for each individual job. This normally comes down to deciding between self tapping screws and through deck bolts or machine screws. Extra washers and locking nuts are available to purchase separately. Specialist monel rivets are also available for adding or replacing fittings on aluminium foil sections.

The Jimmy Green Marine Fixings Category also include:

  • Eye Bolts, U Bolts and Deck Pad Eyes

Eye and U bolts have their own thread, nuts and washers, but pad eyes will almost certainly need through-deck machine screw fixings with a reinforcement under deck pad and extra wide 'penny' washers, to ensure that the fitting is securely fastened to the deck.

  • R Clips, Monel Rivets, Hose Clips and Wire Grips
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Holt Stainless Steel Bolts
Selden Folding Pad Eye 6mm 508 750 01R and 8mm 508 760 01R
Holt Stainless Steel Pozi Head Screws
Holt Stainless Steel Nuts
monel metal rivet
Holt Stainless Steel Washers
Holt Stainless Steel R Clip
Hose Clips

Holt Hose Clips


Blue Wave stainless steel eye bolt
Selden Eye Bolt

Selden Eye Bolt

Stainless Steel U Bolt
Seasure Penny Washers