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Bonomi Mooring Cleats

JOY Self-Tailing Cleats

Manufactured in Italy, these revolutionary cleats won the DAME Award at METS 2021. Mooring large boats alongside a pontoon is often arduous, especially with adverse weather conditions. The Joy self tailing cleat has been designed to assist with the manoeuvre by providing a direct pull on your mooring lines. 

The range of motorised cleats includes 3 model sizes covering boats up to 70ft in overall length. All models are finished in stainless steel AISI 316L to complement existing mooring deck hardware on board. The product listings on this page all feature horizontal motor configuration. The models for 35-50 ft yachts are also available with vertical motor configuration by special request.

The operational design features the use of a dual foot switch for controlled reversing as well as pulling. The integrated rope gypsy provides excellent grip on the mooring line. The hands free operation of the cleat allows the user to handle the warp comfortably as the docking manoeuvre progresses. In an emergency, the single wrap required to keep tension on the line can be easily released.

JOY Self Tailing Cleat Guide
Product Code Power supply  Safe Working Load  Compatible Mooring Lines Diameters  Yacht Length 
B7A128H 12V 80kg 12mm - 20mm Up to 35feet
B6A248H 24V 80kg 12mm - 20mm Up to 35feet
B3A121H 12v 110kg 20mm - 28mm 35 - 50 feet
B1A241H 24V 110kg 20mm - 28mm 35 - 50 feet
B4A123H 12v 300 kg 20mm - 28mm 50 - 70 feet
B2A243H 24v 300kg 20mm - 28mm 50 - 70 feet

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Bonomi Joy Self Tailing Cleat - 12v 80kg
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Bonomi Joy Self Tailing Cleat
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Bonomi-self-tailing cleat-12v-110kg
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Bonomi Joy Self Tailing Cleat
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Bonomi 12v 300kg self tailing cleat
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Bonomi 24v 300kg B2A23H
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Bonomi control box
Bonomi Joy Double Deck Foot Switch
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