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Stanchion Blocks and Fairleads

Keep your side decks uncluttered by leading all your furling and any other similar control lines aft from the foredeck to the cockpit/aft quarter via blocks or fairleads attached to the guardrail stanchions.

Jimmy Green Marine offer a wide selection from recognised leading block manufacturers: Barton, Harken, Holt, Profurl, Selden and Spinlock.

Stanchion Blocks General Features:

  • Single for simple furling drum lines
  • Double for endless free furling drum lines
  • Clamping arrangement to fit 25mm or 1" diameter stanchions - tightened to stay fast with machine screws/bolts (Profurl exception)
  • Good Articulation

Stanchion Fairleads perform the same function:

  • Holt, Profurl or Spinlock option
  • Simpler fitting than a block
  • Less expensive
  • No moving parts
  • No articulation
  • Reasonably free running due to a smooth stainless steel insert

Notable Individual Adjustability Features:

  • Removable Axle Pin (Holt) - lines or blocks can be added to the system without re-reeving the whole line
  • Double Line Fairleads (Selden, Harken Reflex and Profurl) - convenient for endless lines and additional fairleads can also be added in to the layout
  • Outboard Lead (Harken)- additional option for leading lines around the outside of the stanchions
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Holt Stanchion Block
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Holt Stanchion Fairlead
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Spinlock WL Stanchion Lead

Single Size 2 Stanchion Block

Harken 40mm Stanchion Block

Harken 29 mm Outboard Stanchion-Mount Block

Selden Stanchion Fairlead
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Profurl Articulated Stanchion Fairlead
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Profurl Double Stanchion Fairlead

Harken Reflex Double Stanchion Fairlead
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Harken Reflex Double Stanchion Fairlead with Cleat
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