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Liferaft Servicing

Seago Liferafts Warranty:

All Seago Liferafts have a 12 year warranty and should be serviced every three years until they are 12 years old. After the 12th year, the service interval is annual until it is 15 years old.
Failure to adhere to these servicing requirements will invalidate the manufacturer warranty.
Under no circumstances should you try to repair or service a Liferaft yourself.

Seago Liferaft Servicing:

Jimmy Green Marine are official Seago Liferaft Servicing Dealers.
Seago Yachting is the manufacturer and official service agent for all Seago liferafts and lifejackets.
Seago has highly trained, qualified, professional technicians working in a controlled liferaft servicing environment.
Your Seago liferaft is a technical piece of lifesaving equipment requiring strict adherence to the servicing schedule.


Seago Yachting Liferaft Service Plan:

N.B. If you purchase a liferaft second-hand, get it inspected and serviced by an approved Seago service agent for peace of mind.

Service arrangements through Jimmy Green Marine:

Jimmy Green Servicing Procedure

You can drop your liferaft off at Jimmy Green Marine, The Meadows, Beer, or we can arrange collection by special courier service throughout the UK/EU.

We will arrange with Seago Yachting for the service of your liferaft at the Seago Liferaft Service Station in East Sussex

When the liferaft service is completed, we will arrange for you to collect it from Jimmy Green Marine or send it back to your home or yacht throughout the UK and EU by special courier service.

N.B. Couriers class Liferafts as hazardous goods because they contain flares/gas bottles, so please make sure that you declare what is in the package if you decide to send it back yourself.

Seago Service Pricing

Please go to the Seago Yachting website for further information on their service, collection and return terms, and their fixed price liferaft servicing rates:

Seago Liferaft Service Prices

Jimmy Green Advisory

In our experience, the actual servicing cost depends on the liferaft serial number and whether it has a regular service history. If you want to avoid an unpleasant surprise, we recommend asking for a quote.

Seago offers a Service Rebate subject to registering your raft:


Jimmy Green Advisory

The discount will apply if the liferaft has been previously serviced according to the Seago prescribed service standard and schedule and Seago is carrying out this service.

Seago Liferaft Disposal Service

Seago will take back your old liferaft and scrap it free of charge, including the ethical disposal of the non-bio-degradable or hazardous parts, when you purchase a new Seago Liferaft:

The Seago scrappage offer includes disposal of your old liferaft, including flares, lithium batteries and gas cylinders, in an environmentally friendly manner. For further information:


Seago Packaging - Crate for Life

'Crate for Life’ is now the packaging for all Seago liferafts. Produced from 100% Recycled Plastic, it reduces waste and additional packaging materials as the crate is more robust.

Benefits of the ‘Crate for Life’

Seago Liferaft - Crate for life