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Flag Accessories

Jimmy Green Marine offer a collection of beneficial accessories that will help you to hoist, fly and stow your flags:

Flag and Burgee Cord - white or black 8plait polyester on handy spools.

Wooden Toggles - for simple attachment.

Shroud Cleats, Blocks and Inglefield clips - all handy extras for making your flags run up and down smoothly.

Courtesy Flag Wallets - to keep multiple flags neatly stashed.

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Bronze Swivel Inglefield Clips, Brookes and Adams
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LIROS 8 plait White Polyester 01040
Jimmy Green wooden flag toggle
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Holt Inglefield Clips HT75, 1 pair

Barton shroud cleat 52110
Petersen Halyard Cleats
LIROS 8Plait Black Polyester
Seasure Flag Lanyard Block 00-08
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Courtesy Flag Wallet - Blue and Natural Canvas
Jimmy Green Bronze Inglefield Clip INGL
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Signal Code Flag Wallet - Plain text

Clearance Signal Code Flag Wallet - Plain text - Shop Soiled