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Knives and Scissors

Jimmy Green Knives and Scissors cover a variety of applications, including accidents or mishaps at sea, handyman/boatman jobs, splicing, whipping, and general rope work.

Knives and Scissors for Splicing and Rope Work:

The Professional Finish

Rope work, especially in modern fibres, can be laborious because they are difficult to cut and don’t heat seal, so you can’t melt the ends for an easy finish.

You can avoid those problems by ordering your ropes finished by the Jimmy Green Rigging Team.

Specifying your finished ropes is a quick, straightforward step-by-step online process using our intuitive Custom Build System.

How to cut Tough Synthetic Fibre Rope

If you are keen to learn and want to tackle the job yourself, a good pair of scissors and a sharp knife are essentials for your Splicing and Rigging Tool Kit.

These are the modern synthetic fibres that you are most likely to encounter in yachting ropes. They are mainly a feature of high-performance ropes.

  • Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene = UHMWPE (trade name Dyneema)
  • Aramid (trade names Kevlar and Technora)
  • Vectran = Liquid-Crystal Polymer

They are all much more challenging to cut than nylon (polyamide) polyester or polypropylene.

Nylon, Polyester, and Polypropylene ropes can be cut with a hot knife. The end can also be melted and moulded into a neat heat-sealed finish with a hot blade, turbo flame, or a lighter to make it ready for a whipping.

However, purpose-designed knives and scissors are a must for tough high-tech rope work onboard your yacht, and they will also come in handy for all sorts of tasks in the boatshed. Read on to find out the Riggers’ choice.

The Jimmy Green Rigging Team favour the D-Splicer range of Ceramic Knives and the D-Splicer range of high carbon, specially engineered stainless steel scissors for cutting and splicing Dyneema and Technora. These are the high-performance fibres you will most likely encounter in yachting ropes.

Offshore Safety Knives

Wichard manufacture an excellent range of top-quality knives for the crew and skipper to carry on their person for onboard emergencies and general rigging maintenance. Wichard knives are ergonomically designed and slip easily into a pocket or pouch.

Boatman Knives

"Every good boatman carries a knife" is an adage that springs to mind.

The Osculati Boatswain (Bosun’s) Knife is practical, affordable, stows neatly into your pocket, and will cope with most handy jobs onboard or in the workshop/garage.

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