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Selden Furlex Reefing Gear

The 4th generation of the SELDÉN Furlex Reefing System incorporates the existing proven features with new innovative design specifications. The twin-groove luff extrusion and the split drum facilitate converting the Furlex System for racing. Cruising yachts can utilise the extrusion for ‘wing on wing’ downwind sailing with two genoas poled out, one either side.

New features include:

  • Two sets of stainless steel ball bearings within the drum plus one additional set of roller bearings for low friction and low lateral deflection.
  • Smaller diameter tack ring and compact shackle to reduce furling resistance.
  • 8% overall weight reduction decreases weight aloft and thus improves sailing performance.

SELDÉN Furlex sizing is calculated using both sailboat displacement and righting moment data.

Maximum loads/displacements are reduced if you use a smaller forestay than the stated maximum. The Jimmy Green Rigging Sales Team are on hand to help you determine the best solution for your yacht and your anticipated sailing.

Furlex Selection

SELDÉN Righting Moment Calculator is a very useful online tool.

SELDÉN - Proven Quality over decades

Per Seldén founded his business producing boat equipment and wooden masts at Långedrag, Gothenburg in 1960 and started aluminium mast production in 1965

Seldén Mast launched the first Furlex range in 1983 and introduced the 4th Generation of Furlex in 2013

SELDÉN Attention to Detail

Seldén consider no detail too small in their search for perfection – from the selection of the best base materials to the stringent testing at the development stage of the finished product

Seldén’s business philosophy is a continuous quest to achieve the best possible function for each product.

SELDÉN - Proven Market Leaders in rig systems for dinghies, keelboats and yachts.

Whether you are looking for Regatta Perfrmance or Crusing Endurance, you can select SELDÉN Equipment with the assurance that you will benefit from reliable top quality gear.

The SELDÉN Furlex 4th Generation Range, manufactured from a combination of aluminium, composite and stainless steel, delivers the very best in furling design and technology.

Models: 104S | 204S | 304S | 404S

SELDÉN 4th Generation FurleX VIDEO

Furlex Plus Factors:

  • Stainless ball bearings
  • Patented load distributor for durability and low furling resistance
  • Stainless steel sail feeder
  • Smaller tack ring and shackle to reduce furling resistance
  • 8% lighter than previous models
  • Twin-groove luff extrusion and split drum for racing mode
  • Forestay wire insulated and centralised to reduce chafing and resistance
  • Furlex Aero Groove System to reduce drag
  • Aluminium luff joining sleeve to reduce chafing

SELDÉN Installation Video

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Selden Furlex 104S

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Furled 300s drum cheek
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