Selden Furlex Reefing Gear

Selden Furlex Reefing Gear

The 4th generation of the Selden Furlex reefing system incorporates the proven features of previous models with new innovative design specifications. The twin-groove luff extrusion and the split drum allow the racing sailor to convert the Furlex for racing. The cruising sailor can use the extrusion for ‘wing on wing’ downwind sailing with two genoas poled out to either side.

New features inlude:

  • Two sets of stainless steel ball bearings within the drum plus one additional set of roller bearings for low friction and low lateral deflection.
  • Smaller diameter tack ring and compact shackle to reduce furling resistance.
  • 8% overall weight reduction decreases weight aloft and thus improves sailing performance.
Selden Furlex sizing is calculated using both sailboat displacement and righting moment data. Maximum loads/displacements are reduced if you use a smaller forestay than the stated maximum. Please contact us for further details.

Furlex Max ForestayRighting Moment Displacement
104S6mm17 kNm22 kNm3.5t4t
8mm37 kNm45 kNm7.5t9t
304S10mm70 kNm80 kNm14t15t
404S14mm180 kNm190 kNm28t30t

The Selden Selden Righting Moment Calculator is very useful.

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