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Stainless Steel Anchors

Modern high holding power anchors are often available in stainless steel as well as in regular steel with a galvanised finish e.g Rocna, Vulcan, Spade and new to the market, the Lewmar Epsilon

Some of the older tried and trusted designs are also available in stainless, notably the Lewmar Claw which is a variant of the original Bruce anchor.

UltraMarine concentrate their design and manufacturing efforts solely on stainless steel and they undoubtedly lead the way in design, merit, and popularity. Ultra also provide a consummate flip swivel for connecting to the anchor chain.

Stainless steel anchors are best deployed as part of a stainless-steel chain anchor rode, but can be seen happily sitting on the end of a galvanised chain with a stainless steel connector. Galvanic corrosion must be considered, but theoretically at least, the anchor should not be the component that is affected. Galvanised and Stainless Steel together

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Ankerplex Anchor - Stainless Steel
Ultra Anchor

Ultra Anchor

Galvanised Rocna Anchor

Lewmar Delta Anchor, stainless steel
Spade Anchor S Series Stainless Steel
Ultra Anchor Cardboard Templates
Stainless Steel Vulcan Anchor
Lewmar Stainless Steel Claw Anchor
Mantus Stainless Steel Dinghy Anchor - 0.9kg

Ankerplex® Flat Anchor Line
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