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Waterproof LED Head Torches and LED Lights are an essential part of the safety inventory on any yacht planning a night voyage.

Careful consideration should be given to include a high power spot/searchlight, an emergency man overboard location strobe and a compact, personal red and white head LED torch for all the crew.

Use white light for bright illumination of e.g. a casualty in the water, rigging failures, widespread deck work. N.B. bright white illumination will mean that the crew will not regain their natural night vision for some time after the light is extinguished.

Use red light for individual working on watch. Red light protects your natural night vision. Head torches should have the facility to switch between red and white light options at the touch of a button.

Exposure waterproof lights are designed for reliable, high intensity performance, combining the latest LED technology with powerful lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. Exposure lights are engineered to withstand the rigours of extreme weather. The casings are lightweight aluminium with a marine grade anodising resulting in excellent durability against the elements and high impact resistance.

Exposure waterproof search/spot lights feature extremly high power output for illuminating large areas or pinpointing distant objects. Life time guaranteed LED's and high capacity lithium-ion batteries deliver extended full power with unhampered cable free operation. 100% waterproof and sturdy impact proof casings protect the state of the art technology from the rigours of the toughest marine environment.

Exposure LED hand-held and head torches are extremely lightweight and very compact: the top of the range for power, functionality and versatility for their size. Exposure are a new generation of marine specific multi-utility rechargeable torches.

Exposure Lights Product Matrix
Lumens Run Time Weight (g) Size Output colour Depth rating MOB Tech OLAS Float Fuel Guage USB
OLAS FLOAT-ON 160 1 - 12 hrs 45 83 x 34 mm White 1 m
FLOAT-ON 160 1 - 12 hrs 45 83 x 34 mm White 1 m
MOB CARBON 1000 1.5 - 6 hrs 95 130 x 37 mm White 5 m
ACTION 9 SEARCH 1000 4 - 16 hrs 263 124 x 50 mm White 100 m
RAW-XS 200 1 - 25 hrs 45 70 x 30 mm White / Red 5 m
RAW-PRO 200 1 - 25 hrs 43 55 x 35 mm White / Red 5 m
SPOT-ME 250 5 hrs 35 50 x 24 mm White 1 m
SPOT-ME R 120 5 hrs 36 50 x 24 mm Red 1 m
Exposure HT500 60 - 465 3 - 24 hrs 118 White
Exposure HT1000 50 - 1000 1.5 - 48 hrs 145 White

Exposure Light Comparison Table

Exposure Usage Recommendations, revealed by the chart above:

Float-ON - compact cost effective torch and strobe MOB Carbon - Excellent search light with long stand by time.

OLAS Foat-ON - compact torch with built in OLAS compatibility

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