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Traveller Systems

Jimmy Green Marine offer a range of traveller system kit from Barton, Harken and Selden to complement the Jimmy Green Online Custom Splicing and Rigging Service.

Mainsheet Track Systems form an important part of controlling the shape and relevant angle to the breeze for a yacht’s mainsail.

The Traveller Track is fitted athwartships so that the mainsheet purchase system attachment point can be moved from side to side according to each tack/gybe and the yacht’s point of sailing.

Mainsheet Traveller Tracks and Sliders differ from Genoa Car Systems in that they are designed to be adjustable under load.

Each manufacturer offers their own options, especially on the purchase arrangements for moving the slider when the mainsheet is under pressure.

Mainsheet tracks can also be removable – designed to bridge across the cockpit while sailing and be stowed away when in harbour.

There are multiple designs of mainsheet track which, in turn dictate the design of the sliders.

Generally, mainsheet sliders, also known as cars, run on Ball Bearings.

If you need to replace any of your track fittings, you need to identify the manufacturer and type of track and make your purchase to match.

If you want to upgrade to a higher specification, this will generally mean starting afresh by fitting new track to the deck and purchasing the sliders and end fittings to suit.

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