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Jimmy Green News

How to Install a Windlass

07 Dec 2022

This simple device will make raising and lowering your anchor a doddle and can be DIY-installed if you have a little...

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How to Splice Rope

07 Nov 2022

Splicing describes a range of methods that we use to either terminate a rope or connect it to something else without...

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How To Clean Your Boat

07 Nov 2022

An immaculate hull will not only enhance the appearance and maximise functionality but also extend the lifespan of the...

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Our First Beach Clean

17 Aug 2022

Team Jimmy Green wanted to take an active part in keeping our local beach clean, so we got in touch with Clean Jurassic...

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Southampton Boat Show 2022

05 Aug 2022

Jimmy Green Marine will be once again attending the Show and you will be able to find us on stand J209.

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Rope Recycling

06 May 2022

We are proud to say that we have now been recycling our waste polyester, nylon and polypropylene with LIROS for over...

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Sustainable Sailing: How to Reduce Your Impact...

05 May 2022

There's nothing quite like setting sail on open waters to help us feel connected with nature. As we escape the urban...

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How to Use a Marine Compass

16 Nov 2021

The best way to be confident with a marine compass when you cast off for cruising is to practice using it. With proper...

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How to remember Port and Starboard

06 Sep 2021

Discover the best way to remember port and starboard like a pro, and learn the various whys and wherefores of these two...

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