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Jimmy Green News

Articles with advice and guidance for Yachting and Marine Products and news from the Jimmy Green Marine Chandlery thrown in.

The Advantages of a V-Shaped Bridle

18 Dec 2023

V-shaped bridles are an innovative, effective method of overcoming mooring and anchoring headaches. V-bridles are a...

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Official Noonsite Ropes and Rigging partner

25 Aug 2023

Noonsite is the cruising yachtsman's primary source of worldwide cruising information, including up-to-date data on...

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Southampton Boat Show Discount Tickets

25 Aug 2023

Save £12.01 on your Boat Show Ticket.
Get your Discount Code here.

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Southampton Boat Show 2023

12 Jul 2023

The Team at Jimmy Green Marine are looking forward to attending the Southampton Boat Show!

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What is a V Bridle, and What is it used for?

11 May 2023

An Anchorplait® V-bridle is an excellent, secure method of sharing the load between two strongpoints on the bow or...

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How to use the Jimmy Green Online Custom Build...

20 Apr 2023

The Jimmy Green Team have designed a website to make ordering your ropes, wires and webbing easy to access and achieve,...

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Jimmy Green Needs Your Small Boxes!

04 Apr 2023

If anyone in the local community has any small boxes in reasonable condition that they would like to see re-used, we'd...

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10 Good Reasons to get your Ropes Spliced

28 Mar 2023

A Splice is the best way to attach a rope because it avoids tying a knot. Knots which involve one rope passing across...

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Why Whip?

06 Feb 2023

A Stitching and Whipping process is the most effective long-term method of securing the ends of your rope, whether the...

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