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Anchor Trip Hooks and Rings

An Anchor Trip Hook or a Retrieval Ring is an ideal addition to your yachting tool kit. When your anchor is stuck fast or fouled under a stubborn obstruction, you will be glad you have one onboard.

Trip Hooks from Ultra Marine and Coastline Technology

The Ultra Marine version is produced from stainless steel (of course), and the Coastline version is from lightweight alloy. They are designed to lift ground chains that you have inadvertently managed to snag, and retrieval rings are designed to use buoyancy to enhance your lifting power.

Anchor Retrieval Systems

The method is based on the Alderney Anchor Ring concept that uses the buoyancy in a mooring buoy to exert lift – the extra power generated is exceptional. In addition, it minimises the physical strain normally involved in pulling an anchor and chain free from the sea bottom. You can select just the ring and make up a system yourself or select from two kits with different size buoys that the Jimmy Green Rigging Team have put together for you.

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Ultra Trip Hook Sizes

Ultra Trip Hook

Anchor Lift Ring
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Alderney Ring

Coastline Trip Hook
Alderney Anchor Ring System
Ultra Marine Anchor Ring