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Flag Making and Repair

Jimmy Green Marine stock the major component materials for making and repairing flags:

1. Flag Fabric

100% woven/knitted polyester is available in manageable squares in 9 colours.

This is the same quality fabric that is used to manufacture all Jimmy Green flags.

There is a big difference between knitted polyester and the stiff, shiny material of which some flags are made.

Jimmy Green Polyester Flag Fabric is top quality with an excellent rating for all these plus factors:

Strength and Tear Resistance

All flags that are flown in a stiff breeze for long periods will eventually succumb to a threadbare, ragged trailing-edge.

“A stitch in time saves nine” and “Make do and mend” are good old fashioned adages that really do apply to flags.

Inspect your flags regularly, especially after they have been flying in the breeze for an extended period.

Re-stitch any frayed hems and sew in a small patch before the remainder of the flag becomes too thin and threadbare to cope with the pull of the new stitching.

Jimmy Green flags (and flag fabric) have the best possible endurance to fraying on the fly end.

UV Resistance

Everything that is exposed to the sun for long periods will suffer UV degradation, especially in the Mediterranean and the Tropics.

The first sign of UV deterioration normally presents itself as colour fading or blanching but there will also be less obvious UV damage to the fibres resulting in a loss of endurance generally.

Jimmy Green flags (and flag fabric) have excellent UV resistance for a maximum possible fade-free working life span.

Sewing Characteristics

Woven polyester is a user-friendly fabric that can be sewn or stitched by hand or machine.

A good quality domestic sewing machine should cope easily without any issue.

Woven polyester is a sympathetic fabric to work with: soft, pliable, matt finish, reasonably stable (static, inert) so that cutting out, overlaid seaming (joining two pieces together), hemming and appliquéing (sewing one fabric on top of another) should be achievable with a little practice but without any super seamstress skills.

At one end of the scale, too much stretch can make managing the fabric much more difficult to keep in place, while you stitch it or tricky to manoeuvre through a sewing machine at constant speed, but contending with the stiff wrinkly nylon material can be even more irksome.

Ensure that you use a UV resistant polyester thread.

2. Webbing for reinforcing the hoist

50mm wide 100% polyester white webbing with a special herring bone weave designed for folding in half lengthways over the leading (hoist) edge of a flag.

The hoist line and loop (with or without toggle) can be laid inside the webbing and stitched securely into place.

Grommets can be fitted, if desired, through the two layers of webbing reinforcement and the flag fabric which is sandwiched in between.

Available by the metre

3. Flag Toggles

Flag toggles are available separately in several sizes and finishes

4. Braided White Polyester cord for Flag Hoist Lines and Loops

LIROS 8plait white braided polyester line is ideal for sewing into the webbing-reinforced edge of any flag.

Available in 2mm, 2.5mm 3mm, 4mm and 5mm diameter to suit all flag sizes

Available in 25 metre hanks and on 50 metre and 100 metre spools for easy usage and storage.

LIROS 8plait polyester has a myriad of different uses onboard so it will never be wasted.

5. Printed Union Designs for sewing into half yard ensigns and courtesy flags

Screen Printed Union Design, heat cut, ready to seam and sew into a flag, cut size 15cm x 22.5cm, suitable for a half yard (nominal) flag 100% Woven 145gm m2 Polyester, fade and fray resistant Make or repair ensigns or courtesy flags featuring the Union design in the Canton

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